Grand Jury 2016

spelaŠpela Čadež (Slovenia)

Špela Čadež was born in Slovenia. After graduating in Graphic Design in 2002, she continued her studies at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany. During her studies, she made two puppet animations that gained international recognition: Mate to Measure (2004) and Lovesick (2007). Since 2008 Špela Čadež has been working as an independent animation film director and producer. Her latest film, Boles, has been screened worldwide, receiving 50 awards, distinctions and nominations.



edmundsEdmunds Jansons (Latvia)

Edmunds Jansons works as an animation film director and graphic designer. He co-founded the film studio Atom Art in 2001. He got his master’s degree of animation in 2012. His animation films 'Little Bird's Diary' (2007), ‘Springtime in ‘Crow Street’ (2009), ‘International Father's Day’ (2012), ‘Choir Tour’ (2012), ‘Isle of Seals’ (2014) and project ‘Shammies’ have been selected at many film festivals all over the world. Besides his initial work Edmunds is a recognized and beloved children’s book illustrator.



MonikaMonika Kuczyniecka (Poland)

Monika Kuczyniecka was born in 1982 in Bydgoszcz. After graduating from the local Secondary School of Visual Arts, she commenced her studies at the University of Fine Arts in Poznań, Faculty of Multimedia Communication in 2002. Five years later she presented her diploma project, a 9-minute stop motion animation film "Tram", made entirely from clay.

Monika Kuczyniecka creates small sculpture forms, illustrations, and music videoclips likefor exampleto Czesław Mozil's "Escapes from the Funfair", Renata Przemyk’s "Sculpture of a Day", and a 17-minute animation based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale Father Knows Best. Her works have been widely presented, especially in Brazil, Russia, Scotland, Slovenia, Argentina, France.

In addition to creating short animated films and music videos in the past few years Monika has delivered a wide range of stop motion animation workshops for children and adults as well. Monika’s main medium of work is plasticine, a practice she continuously develops.


sifianosGeorges Sifianos (France)

Georges Sifianos is filmmaker, and professor of Animation, born in Greece in 1952. He teaches in ENSAD (ÉcoleNationaleSupérieure des Arts Décoratifs) in Paris, where he founded the Animation Studies in 1995, and coordinated this specialisation for several years. He taught also at universities in Europe, India, Korea, Japan or China. He has a PhD in Philosophy (1988), and is interested on the Aesthetics and the renewal of the cinema forms, particularly under the light of Cognitive Sciences. His book "Aesthetics of Animation Cinema" received the award for best academic book of 2014 by the Society for Animation Studies.His research work in progress focuses on forms of animation found on the Parthenon frieze.Founding member of "CARTOON" (European program MEDIA), board member of the Annecy Animation Festival and the Festival "Rencontres Internationales 10/10" in the past, he participated in many juries of animation festivals around the world. He also involved in the Visual Arts.


draganovIvo Draganov (Bulgaria)

Dr. Ivo Draganov is an Associate Professor at New Bulgarian University, department of “Telecommunication”, teaching “Business planning and management of electronic media” and “Regulation and licensing of electronic media”, and at The National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts “Krastio Sarafov”, teaching “Television screenplay” and “Television programming”. He has professional expertise at all levels of cinema and television - he was Assistant Director of film making and Programme Director of Channel 1 at the Bulgarian National Television, member and secretary at the National Board of Radio and Television, Chief Director and editor of TV Europe, manager of BBT TV, Assistant Director of The Bulgarian National Film Archive, editor and scriptwriter of “Studio Vreme”, programmer of “Distribution of films”, director of production studio “Live-action films”, first representative of BNT at the programming committee of EBU, representative of Bulgaria at ERPA. Dr. Draganov is a member of the first committee of electronic media ethics, he also does research in the field of cinema, television and regulation of electronic media. He has publications in magazine “Kino”, that awarded him in 2010 the annual prise of film critics of the Bulgarian film academy. He is the author of two books - “Features of the television management” and “ Television programming of the general audio-visual context”. The first one is nominated for the award of the Bulgarian film academy for Book of the Year and has a special contribution to the development of visual culture. He is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Film Makers, the Bulgarian Film Academy and the Organization of Honorary Teachers of Screen Arts “Academika 21”.

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